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Excursion to Chervonohrad, Belz, Uhniv and Potelych

Our first stop is in one of the largest cities in western Ukraine - in the present mining city of Chervonohrad, former Krystynopil. It used to be one of the cultural and historical gems of Ukraine, the residence of Count Pototsky. The city is located in ancient Chervensk land, were the military battles between Kyiv Rus and the Polish Kingdom took place in X-XI centuries. During the tour we will visit Count's Palace, which now houses the Museum of Religion with a large collection of icons and objects that belonged to the family of Pototsky. In an ancient monastery we will visit the church of St.George, where the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Krystynopol is preserved. We also visit the Bernardine monastery with the church of Holy Spirit.

Then we move on to one of the oldest cities of Ukraine, the millennial Belz, ancient residence of Princes,the homeland of two queens of Poland, and later - one of the most famous centers of Judaism. Now it is a small town, which population numbers two thousand inhabitants. During the tour we will examine the castle with the church of St.Nicholas and the chapel of the icon of Virgin of Belz, now it is one of the most important objects of worship in Poland - the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, a wooden church of St. Paraskeva, Arian Tower (1606), Market Square, the Dominican Monastery and the monuments of Jewish Culture.

In the smallest city of Ukraine - Uhniv where the population numbers only 1,000 residents, we will examine ancient water mill, the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady (XVII c.), Ancient Basilian church, the synagogue. Ugniv is famous for its crafts and original clothing of its townspeople. We can see, and even try on these clothes in the local museum, which we are visiting during the tour.

On the way to the ancient Potelych we stop almost on the border with Poland - in Rava-Ruska and examine St. Joseph Cathedral (1776) and St.George Church (1749). During the World War II in Rava-Ruska there was one of the most famous concentration camps - "Stalag 325", where the Germans kept French war prisoners. In Potelych, the former center of pottery, we examine the oldest wooden church that has been preserved in Ukraine - Church of the Holy Spirit (1502) with the unique wall paintings (XVII c.) . InPotelych there is one of the biggest military cemeteries of the period of World War II. About 10 thousand soldiers of the Wehrmacht were buried there.

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