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Carpathian mountains in four days

During this four-days tour we will pass through a large part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. We will visit various natural sights: waterfalls, rocks, caves, mountain passes. We will visit the large regional historical and cultural centers of the Carpathians, the cities Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhgorod, as well as a number of famous mountain resorts: Skhidnytsia, Bukovel, Beregovo and others. The most prominent fortresses in the Carpathians will not pass by our attention as well: "Tustan", "Palanok", Uzhhorod and Nevytsky castles. The program also includes tasting of regional cuisine and drinks. The length of the route is about 1000 km...



Day one:

1. At morning leave Lviv
2. Grotto "Pryima", a hunting camp of Neanderthals 45 thousand years ago.
3. Balneological resort Truskavets
4.Center of oil production Boryslav
5. Waterfalls "Lazny" and "Sopit"
6. Rocks in Urych. Stone Fortress "Tustan"
7. Accommodation in a small private hotel in the mountain resort Skhidnytsia.


Here you can see the route of day one:


Day two:

1. Leave Skhidnytsia
2. Waterfall "Kamyanka" and "Dead Lake"
3. Dovbush rocks
4. Excursion around the city Ivano-Frankivsk
5. Mountain resort Yaremche . Waterfall "Probij". Large market of Carpathian souvenirs
6. Mountain resort Bukovel. Mountain lift and various entertainments .
7. Accommodation in a small private hotel in Bukovel.

Here you can see the route of day two:


Day three:

1. Leave Bukovel through the pass "Yablunytsya".
3. Waterfall "Trufanets".
4. Geographical center of Europe.
5. Moving along the Romanian border through the richest villages of Ukraine.
6. Swimming in the thermal waters in resort Beregovo.
7. Wine tasting at the Wine House in the willage Janoshi.
8. Accommodation in a small private hotel near Mukachevo.

Here you can see the route of day three:


Day four:

1. Excursions in Mukachevo Castle and in the city.
2. Leave Mukachevo.
2. Excursions in Uzhhorod Castle and in the city of Uzhhorod
3. Nevytsky Castle.
4. Crossing the passes along the Slovak border.
5. Excursion in Sambir. There are the relics of St. Valentine, in whose honor the day of All Lovers was introduced.
6. Arrive in Lviv.

Here you can see the route of day four:


The total cost of the tour is 4 days x UAH 4,500. = UAH 18,000

Included: all transfers and excursions.

NOT included: food and drinks, accommodations, tickets.

To get more detailed information in English you can contact your private guide:

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