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Shoemaker "Adidas" in Lviv

Not far from Nurenberg, in the small Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach), in the family of a shoemaker lived two brothers - Adolf (1900-1978) and Rudolf (1898-1974) Dassler. Young people - Adi and Rudi - working together with parents and their company made slippers. In 1918 Dassler family moved to the city Lviv and then continued his shoe business. After consulting with his father they begin work on making gymnastic slippers, and then athletic shoes with uneven knobby soles for runners, sprinters. Then they invented shoes for football with replaceable spikes.

Their first sports shoes workshop in Lviv was in Kopernika Street (the court house, where now "Genealogy Bank"), near the Potocki Palace. Later on Dassler family opened several shops in the modern Zhovkivska street. Soon their customers were all local sports teams.
Dassler company produced high quality products, became famous and many buyers coming from other cities until 1933, then Dassler family moved to Germany, gave his factory to his colleagues from Lviv.

In 1948 brothers separated, and each began producing sportes goods under its own brand. Rudi's company was "Puma" and Adi created factory "Adidas", which became the emblem of all known three stripes.

Dessler family left Lviv and after that shoe factory "Progress" was opened in Lviv, that developed in the 60s of the last century and was one of the largest company in the USSR. Thousands of people had sports shoes from the factory "Progress". By the way the trademark of "Progress" has remained old emblem of "Dassler" in two strips. Soviet athletes always said: we usually trained in sneakers from the "Progress" factory, but participated in competitions in sneakers from the German factory "Adidas".

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