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castles, palaces, monasteries of Halychyna, Podillya, Volyn' and Carpathians mountains

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Activities in Lviv region

Today in the ukrainian tourism market it is hard to find tour operator or travel agency, which have no tours to Lviv.There are tours by historic places and of course there are a lot of places in lviv region where you can rest. Unfortuntelly, there are not enough travel agencies, which proposing active and extreme vacations, but we hope, that there will be more young and middle age tourists and travel agancies will make more interesting tours, which will be unforgattable. There are one day tour and there are several types of active and extreme vacations in lviv region. Our tours are conducted by qualified guides, which are speaking on different foreign languages.


For tourists we have interesting water tours. It is enough to drive off from the city for 30 kilometers along the road Kyiv - Chop to Stryj aside and you will get to one of the most marvelous river in Ukraine - the river Dniester. From Rozvadova (Mykolaiv region) you can raft downstream to New Rozdil, Zhydachiv or Zhuravne. Rafting along the Dniester river is not extremal, because the channel is flat. You may drive on the same road for 70 kilometers further and try extreme rafting along Opir and Stryj rivers. In case of flooding, complexity of routes reaches the third category (of six possible). On the rafting routes you can visit waterfall Kamyanka,Tustan' fortress remains and cave monastery in Rozhirche..

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A lot of people like to climb from Skole to Parashka - the second highest mountain in Lviv region. If you like climb to the mountains Parashka - you can go down and the highest in Lviv peak. For fans skelelazennya between Lviv and Winnick is Mecca novice climbers - Devil Rock. Experienced instructors will provide safety systems and conduct a master class with climbing. If these rocks is not enough - you can go in for Bubnyshche Dovbush rocks that are situated between Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. For fans of climbing we offer to visit the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains - Mount Hoverla (2061 m)

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We also proposing you one - day bicycle tour, which include almost all the most significant monuments of nature, history and architecture of Lviv region.We chose the place of the beginning and the end of bicycle tours such way, that it will be easier for tourists to reach here by public (rail) transport. Practically all of our routes designed such way, that regular cycling lovers, even pensioners attending it. We provide support on specially equipped vehicles...

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Rope parks

For people, who want to feel himself like Tarzan, we can show interesting rope park with three level of difficulties not far from the town Gorodok, in Rodatichi village. It was built with several barriers, which each tourist need to pass. The same attraction is on the Volosyanka village, not far from ski resort in Slavske. In this Skolu region, in Nuzhne Sunovudne village, is long zip-lain (trolei), the length of the cable-ferry cross the river Strui, which takes almost 300m.,and height difference- more than 50.

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Per one day (Saturday or Sunday) tourist pass medical examination, three-hour instruction with practical training on simulators, formalize insurance. The same amount of time will set outfit and jump from the 900 meter high. On aerodrome you can fly with an instrutor at a sports plane Yak-52.


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