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The Taste of Lviv

During this whole-day (7 hours) excursion that consists of walking part and bus tour, you will have a great possibility to see almost all the objects of historical heritage of Lviv like remnants of Old Russian (XII c.), Polish (XIV-XVIII cc.) and Austrian (XIX-XX cc.) periods of formation of Lviv. You will also visit Lychakiv cemetery. The excursion usually starts with 3 hours walking tour. The order of walking and bus tours can be changed, so the excursion can be started with the bus tour at the Railway station. We will see the remnants of city fortification walls (XIV cc.), the Austrian buildings (XIX-XX cc.) and walk right above the river that runs through the manifold under the surface of the main boulevard of Lviv the Freedom Avenue to the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

Here we enter the medieval city and start observing its sights. The Jesuit Collegium, the Latin-rite Cathedral one of the oldest gothic temples in Ukraine, the Bernardine monastery and the Jewish quarter - all these places are full of spirit of history and time. The unique monument of renaissance architecture is the Assumption Church in Ruthenian quarter. Here the first books in Ukraine were printed by Ivan Fedorov. The vaults of the Chemists museum, fantastic coffee-houses and exotic restaurants complete the impression of the Rynok square (XIV-XIX cc.). The Armenian quarter fascinates with eastern refinement of its houses, yards and unique monument of XIV century the Armenian cathedral. After the walking tour we are having the break for dinner (1-2 hours).

After the dinner we start our bus tour. In general this part of the excursion lasts for 4 hours. It starts with visiting the Old Russian part of the city. We will see the German Church of Our Lady of the Snow (XIII c.), the Latin Benedictine monastery and the oldest church in Lviv John the Baptist Church (the beginning of XII c.). Here the wife of Prince Leo, Constance, was buried. Another ancient church we will see in this part of Lviv is St. Nicolas Church. The St. Onuphrius Church and monastery and the St. Parescheva (XIII-XVII cc.) finish the Old Russian part of our tour. Next we drive to the Castle Hill and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the city from the observation deck.

The next place to see is the Austrian part of Lviv. We will see the Noble Casino, the residence of the Parliament (Seim) of the Austro Hungarian Galician Province, now the main building of Ivan Franko National University. We will also visit the masterpiece of Ukrainian baroque - Saint Georges Cathedral (XVIII c.). Saint Olga and Elizabeth church draws attention with high gothic spires. The University Lviv Polytechnic, palaces of magnates Bielskys, Sapiegas and Pototskys are also observed during the excursion. Next we move to Lychakiv cemetery, one of the largest and most famous cemetaries in the world. Almost half of the million burials are there. The bus tour is usually finished next to the monument to Danylo Halytskyi or even in the Brewery museum.

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