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Food and drinking tours with a private guide in L'viv

We offer a lot of gourmets tours such as: beer tours, wine tours, coffee tours, choclate tours and tours not only of Ukrainian national cuisine but the cuisine of different nationalities. During this tours you and your guide will visit different famous and interesting: cafes, pabs, bars, wine cellars, national restaurants.

During coffee and choclate tours you will enjoy our drinks and you will like it. The city attracting tourists its history and unforgettable smell of coffee. Lviv - is not Lviv without their interesting cafes. Here you can find your own corner and choose your favourite coffee or you can taste different types of coffee or chocolate. You will have a chance to visit Lviv choclate factory, where you will taste hot melted chocolate (white, black and milk chocolates with different nuts), candies with different tasty supplements and of course you can enjoy our choclate master class and buy chocolate souvenirs.

During Beer tour you will find out about the Lviv brewery's history. We will visit first Lviv Brewery and taste different types of beer. You can take a part in the beer-bike tour, it means that you ride around Rynok Square themselves drinking beer.

During Wine tour you will find out interesting things and legends about this drink and about famous wine sellers. You can learn about wine traditions, types of local and imported wines, methods of transportation, storage, exposure, the medicinal and culinary qualities of wines. Also you can taste different types of wine.

During national food tour you will enjoy and taste different kind of national food and there are: regional cuisine (Ukrainian, Galician, Jewish, Polish), West European cuisine (Austrian, Hungarian, Italian, French), East cuisine (Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani). So, everybody, who appreciates to discover the history of Lviv food and drink, drop everything and visit our city, you won't regret any minute.

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