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Acroos the Galicia province and Carpathian passes

Skhidnytsya-Tustan-Kamyanka waterfall - Stryi

The first stop is in old Galician town Drohobych, where we view the monument to Georg Drohobych, who was the first Doctor of medicine in the Central Europe. Also we will see the Saint Bartholomew Cathedral (1392), ancient churches (XV-XVI cc.) with unique wall paintings. If you wish, we can see the salt-works the oldest acting enterprise in Ukraine (the first record of it dates back to 1250). Next we can visit the native village of Ivan Franko and the museum of this famous Ukrainian writer, poet and philosopher. Also we suggest you to have a walk through the streets of the most famous spa in Ukraine Truskavets.

Next our way lies through Galician Pennsylvania the towns of Boryslav
and Skhidnytsya to the ancient Tustan the unique monument of Ruthenian fortification. The fortress which is located in a huge rock was built as a frontier and watch post on the trading route. The well-equipped touristic pathway passes by the rocks and runs into the beautiful verdure of mountain forest. In Tustan depending on the weather we can have a dinner in the restaurant with the true national cuisine in the very center of the village or have a picnic near the rocks or even on top of them. Here you can taste various Galician dishes, smoked leaf lard with potatoes and shish kebab.

We also visit Kamyanka waterfall - one of the most picturesque Carpathian waterfalls. In summer you can bath in its water, as long as the cold mountain water has healing properties. It is supposed to rejuvenate human organism. Not far from the waterfall there is one more interesting natural monument the dead mountain lake Zhuravlyne. According to legends, its water was used for preparing various potions. On our way to the waterfall we are going to see several interesting bridges over mountain rivers. We also visit an ancient town of Stryi and its oldest building the Virgin Mary Cathedral (XIV c.). After that, if we have time, we can visit the Rakovets with its wide known spring with healing water. The water is icy cold but its healing effect you will feel at once.

The duration of the excursion depends on your desire (12-13 hours).

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