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Carpathian Jacuzzi

Kamyanka Waterfall-Skole-Volovets-Shypit Waterfall-
Svalyava-Lumshory-Turka-Staryi Sambir-Sambir

This extremely interesting and healthy one-day route passes along two picturesque Carpathian waterfalls. One of them - Kamyanka in Lviv region and the second one - Shypit in Transcarpathian region. Therefore, in summer, it is possible to to swim in the perfectly clean and always cold mountain water. Also, our route runs across extraordinary landscapes of mountains, crossing two major highway passes Veretskyi (841m.) and Uzhotskyi (889m.)

(ATTENTION! Since Uzhotskyi pass is located near to the state border of Ukraine, at
the checkpoint they require documents that confirm the identity of each passenger
in the vehicle)

The excursion is performed in the comfortable tour van Opel Vivaro everyday. The
trip, depending on your wishes, lasts from 15 hours. In order to join the group
(350 UAH) or to order an individual excursion for the group of 5-8 people call:

During the tour we have an opportunity to visit a luxurious Shenborn hunting palace, which is the real adornment of this place (built in1890) and looks like an illustration to the works by Duma. Next our stop is Polyana spa resort. There we will be able to taste the mineral water "Polyana-Kvasova" which is known all over Ukraine and abroad.

Now we approach the place, which is a spice of our trip. This is therapeutic bathing in vats with hot mineral water, which has been practiced in the depths of the Carpathian Mountains, in the village Lumshory, since 1600. Tubs vary in size - from 250 to 1000 liters. Therefore, the cost of staying in that hot tub depends on the size of the vat and the number of people. This procedure is so useful and popular that today bathing has to be booked in advance.

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