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Around L'viv excursions

Its a real wonder that the unique, from historical and cultural point of view, city of Lviv survived after destructive wars of past centuries and preserved its ancient spirit which was created by Old Russian, German, Italian and Armenian architects and personalities of Polish, Jewish and Austrian cultures. Visiting excursions around Lviv, one can feel the spirit of the city which stands on the border of Eastern and Western civilizations, on the crossing of old trading routes, the spirit that creates an unusual and even mysterious atmosphere of Medieval times, deep cultural traditions and incredible charm:

1. Wonder of the Old City

This excursion unravels the mystery of the medieval Lviv, its ethnic peculiarities. From the ancient times our city was inhabited with representatives of different nations. Large religious and cultural centers were formed by: Ruthenians (this is an ancient name of Ukrainian nation), Armenians, Poles and Jews. Exquisite architecture of Medieval epoch was created by artists from different countries. The plenty of sights, which were preserved up till now were enlisted to UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. A lot of them can be seen in the city center...
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2. The Taste of Lviv

During this whole-day (7 hours) excursion that consists of walking part and bus tour, you will have a great possibility to see almost all the objects of historical heritage of Lviv like remnants of Old Russian (XII c.), Polish (XIV-XVIII cc.) and Austrian (XIX-XX cc.) periods of formation of Lviv. You will also visit Lychakiv cemetery. The excursion usually starts with 3 hours walking tour. The order of walking and bus tours can be changed, so the excursion can be started with the bus tour at the Railway station. We will see the remnants of city fortification walls (XIV cc.), the Austrian buildings (XIX-XX cc.) and walk right above the river that runs through the manifold under the surface of the main boulevard of Lviv the Freedom Avenue to the monument to Taras Shevchenko...
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3. L'viv through the car window

The tour starts from the main railway station, the pearl of the transport knot construction of the beginning of the XXc. The tour continues along the Austrian part of the town. From the very beginning you will be attracted with the beauty of two neo gothic towers of the St. Elysabeth and Olha's church. You will also visit the gem of Ukrainian baroque St. George Cathedral XVIIIc. Lviv Polytechnic University, palaces of such prominent families as Belski, Sapihy and Potots'ki (the last one houses the Lviv gallery) are also of great importance...
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4. Spirit of Princely L'viv

If you take this tour, you will have a possibility to walk through the oldest streets of Lviv, to visit the ancient central square and temples, which were preserved since that times, the see the models of the ancient city and climb the High Castle hill, where the first fortifications were erected, and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the city. In the end of the tour you will also have an opportunity to taste the famous beer Lvivske in the oldest brewery in Ukraine...
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5. Austrian Quarters of Lviv

Intense petroleum production in Galician region contributed to the development of Lviv as a capital of this region. In Lviv appeared new road junctions, beautiful theatres, refined palaces, educational establishments, nice dwelling houses. But all this was the product of hard work of the workers in petroleum mines and factories. We start our tour Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomia Krushelnytska which is the beautiful adornment of the city. The building of Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatre which stands across the street for some period was the largest theatre building in Europe. We also see the building of Lviv National Museum named after Andrey Sheptytsky. We walk along the central Freedom Avenue, under its surface the river Poltva flows...
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6. Excursion to Lychakiv Cemetery

Prohibition to bury people in the center of Lviv in the end of XVIII c. assisted to expansion of Lychakiv cemetery, which turned into one of the largest and most interesting cemeteries in the world. Visitors from different states come here to have a walk along the alleys of the cemetery, to see almost 300 thousand burials and to reflect upon the sense of our life. We start our tour from Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomia Krushelnytska which is the beautiful adornment of the city. The building of Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatre which stands across the street for some period was the largest theatre building in Europe. We also see the building of Lviv National Museum named after Andrey Sheptytsky...
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7. Lviv Opera House tour

During this tour we will visit Lviv National Academic theatre of opera and ballet after Solomia Krushelnytska, excellent masterpiece made by talented architect Zygmund Gorgolevskiy. It was one of the best theatres in Europe, which was uniquely built over the river. The Theatre looks like real palace. Great cameos, bareliefs, nice paintings, decoration and gilt decorated Opera inside....
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8. Shevchenko Grove

During this excursion we are visiting Shevchenko Grove which is the wonderful museum of wooden architecture in the open air. More than 120 monuments of Folk Architecture are exhibited here. Among them are dwelling houses, churches, household and industrial premises. There are 6 micro-villages that represent different regions. During our two-hour walk we will see three ethnographic zones: Bokivshchyna, Lemkivshchyna, Hutsulshchyna and if you wish we can continue our excursion in the rest of micro-villages...
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9. Stryyskyy Park

Stryyskyy Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, which successfully combines relief and rich vegetation. Here are Over 260 species of shrubs and trees. There are: willow in which pears grows, tulip tree, gingko biloba, that grew on the planet 90-195 million years ago.Especially this park is beautiful at the flowering time. It is a place where you can move from bustling rhythm of the city, take a walk with your child to meet with friends or spend time with your family, a place of rest and "little discoveries" for Lviv guests and Lviv citizens...
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10. Lviv is the most romantic city

Duaring this tour you will find out about crazy and tragic love, duels, betrayes, love stories of kings and simple people in the city of legends in King city. It is the city with special romantic and with a spirit of town streets, people, stories and gossips. Guide will remember all love stories from the past, will tell you romantic legends, interesting faritails. Lviv is mystery city, sentimental city, which making our dreams come true, if we want.

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11. Night Lviv

This evening tour departs at dusk, when lviv illuminated by the ligt of lamps. During this tour Lviv becomes mysterious and interesting. We have two types of this nigh tour and there are walking and automobile tour. The Routes of walking tours coincide with the Sightseeing tour of the medieval city and night automobile tour coincide with the tour Through the car window.

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12. Shoemaker "Adidas" in Lviv

Not far from Nuremberg, in the small Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach), in the family of a shoemaker lived two brothers - Adolf (1900-1978) and Rudolf (1898-1974) Dassler. Young people - Adi and Rudi - working together with parents and their company made slippers. In 1918, Dassler family moved to the city and then continued his shoe business. After consulting with his father to begin work on making gymnastic slippers, and then athletic shoes with uneven knobby soles for runners, sprinters. Then they invented shoes for football with replaceable spikes.
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13. The invention, which turned the history of mankind

This story happened in 1853, when workers of Lviv pharmacy "Under the Golden star" -Ignacy Lukasiewicz and Johann Seh doing distillation and purification of crude oil, invented kerosene. In December of the same year scientists received a patent for its production. And then Johan Seh opened oil enterprise in Lviv, which now continues the tradition of Lviv oil plant.
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