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One day rafting along mountain rivers

For tourists we have interesting water tours. It is enough to drive off from the city for 30 kilometers along the road Kyiv - Chop to Stryj aside and you are get to one of the most marvelous river in Ukraine - the river Dniester. From Rozvadova (Mykolaiv region) you can raft downstream to Nowyi Rozdil, Zhydachiv or Zhuravne. Rafting along the Dniester river is not extremal, because the channel is flat. You may drive on the same road for 70 kilometers further and try extreme rafting along Opir and Stryj rivers. In case of flooding, complexity of routes reaches the third category (of six possible). On the rafting routes you can visit waterfall Kamyanka,Tustan' fortress remains and cave monastery in Rozhirche.

One day rafting along mountain rivers Opir and Struj became so popular among tourists, that sometimes we have to raft them on two shifts, in the morning and afternoon. The real thrill rafting open season in the middle of March, when the snow arrays of Skole's Beskids are melting and feed Opir and Struj rivers. From March to mid-April rivers flood kept and complexity rivers level rises.In Late spring and in summer we need to "catch the water" - wait for heavy rains in the mountains. It is not a problem if there is no rain, because there are routes made downstream, where the river Stryj flowing.

Our advantages:

- Availability of suits (dry and wet)
- Availability of special helmets for rafting
- New equipment model year 2011-2012 (lifejackets, paddles, catamarans)
- High skilled instructors,switches and KMSy with water tourism
- Constant radio contact with the machine maintenance
- Clients

Rafting along river Stryj

It is very exciting rafting along river Stryj from Lviv: beautiful landscapes and rocks Parashka, Tustan combined with rafting. Such one-day itinerary is a great option for active family vacations for tourists from Lviv. This rafting route is not difficult.

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Extremal rafting along river Opir

Rafting starts from the town Skole along the river Opir. This route is saturated and have the third category of difficulty (from six possible). In the spring, we give special suits, in which tourists will be completely dry. Also, machines with dry clothes and hot drinks always accompanies groups. In the Mezhybrody village you will try Cossack soup, so delicious and nutritious lunch will give you strength. After lunch, rafting will held on calmer river Stryj, but cascades thresholds will remind constantly about adrenaline.

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