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Excursion to Prince Leo and St. Valentine

Obroshyne Velykyi Lubin Rudky Sambir Lavriv

The first stop is in old town of Obroshyne not far from Lviv. Here we will see the baroque palace of archbishops, the Feast of the Cross Cathedral and St. Demetrius church. Next to the palace there is zoo and arboretum. The following stop is one of the oldest spas in Europe - Velykyi Lubin. Here we can see the fortress-palace which belonged to baron Brunytsky, St. Nicolas Church and Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Next stop is the town of Rudky. Here, in the Catholic Church, one can see the miraculous icon of Vigrin Mary The qween of Beskids. The family of famous Polish dramatist, count Olexander Fredro was buried in this church. We can visit the palace that belonged to him, and the museum that was opened there.

Then we leave for Sambir. It is quite big and picturesque town, first record of it dates back to XIII c. On our way to Sambir we will visit the museum in Kulchytsi, where Cossak Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi and the hero of the Vienna Battle Yuriy Kulchytsky were born. In Sambir we have a stop at the Cathedral, built in the honor of metropolitan Petro Samborsky, who was born in Sambir. Our walk through ancient and sinuous streets of Sambir starts at the Jesuit Cathedral (XVI-XVII c.) the highest building in the town. Then you will see the biggest Market Square in Ukraine and the oldest town hall (XVII-XVIII c.) with 40 meter high tower. Next to the Market Square there is a former Bernardine monastery with St. Stanislav Cathedral. Nowadays the Hall of Organ Music is functioning here. In the beautiful Nativity of Virgin Mary Church the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary and St. Valentines relics are preserved.

On our way to Lavriv we pass by thousand years old Staryi (Old) Sambir. It is ancient town which serves as an entrance gate to the Carpathians. Here we can see the St. Nicolas Cathedral, the Greek-Catholic church and old Jewish cemetery. In Lavriv we are visiting the St. Onuphrius friary. Here according to the legends Prince Leo (in his honor the city of Lviv was named) was buried. The monastery of Lavriv was respected even abroad because in XII-XVI centuries the relics of St. Onuphrius, one of the most honorable saints, were kept here.

The huge cave necropolis with ancient burials has been preserved up till now. The monks often find human skeletons and rebury the remnants. The old church (XIII c.) is also famous for unique frescos (XV-XVI c.). These frescos are the monument of the world significance. The legends tell us a lot of strange stories about the monastery, its catacombs and the healing water. We can also become the witnesses of the miracle which has happened recently the image of Virgin Mary has appeared on one the trees in the monastery garden.

The duration of the excursion depends on your desire (from 9 hours).

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