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The spa resort Skhidnytsia is located in the valley near the bank of the mountain river Skhidnychanka. It's about 21 km form the regional centre Drohobych.
Omelian Stotsky, brought a real popularity to the very resort, he made the first borehole of mineral water "Naftusia" in 1975. And in 1976 Skhidnytsia was recognized as the All-Union resort. Today the balneological resort is named after the very man who also discovered other 38 healing spas.
In fact even now this resort is not so popular as the Truskavets one. According to its resources, variety and quality of the mineral water it deserves to be on the top of the list. The volume of the water is about 64,5 cube meters per 24 hours. Here one can find law carbonated water with higher content of organic substances and spas with more vivid cholagogic activity. Also in Skhidnytsia there is our Ukrainian "Borjomi" which flows from the bore 2 "C". Such kind of water as chlorous-nutrium one with a higher content of bromine is also preserved here but it actually needs deeper research. According to some optimistic prognosis, "Skhidnytsia" is going to be one of the most popular resorts in Europe in the nearest 5 years.


Morshyn is one of the balneological resorts found in 1877. One of the most important factors of the very healing resort are the mineral spas, the water of which according to its chemical properties is in the same range with the mineral water spas of the best European resorts. Also it's famous with its peaty bog and mineral wax - ozocerit. Taday Morshyn houses 6 comfortable resorts, balneological hospital, pumping room with the mineral water (approx. 6 000 of people can drink water at one time).
Also there are the following canteens of the medical feeding at the resorts: Dnister, Lavanda, Svitanok, the Perl of Carpathians, and others. Besides there is a theatre which can set 450 people, a palace with the concert hall that has 600 sits and a cultural library.

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