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Tour to Volyn'

Lutsk - Dybno - Tarakaniv - Berestechko

Our first stop will be in the capital of Volyn' - Lutsk city, where we will visit the prince Lyubart castle (14th century) and former college, the monasteri of st. Brigida, st. Sharitka and Dominikans, the tower of Chartoristski kings (15th century), synagogue (17th century), Luteran church, the house with goasts, the place on the river Styr where Lusk citizens were baptism, Armanian church (16th century) St. Pokrova church - The Protection of our Lady church (14th century), Rynok square with museum of the pharmacy (18th century), the Exaltation of Christ church (17th century) and Holy trinity catedrale (18th century) in the teritory of the former Bernardine monastery.

We are arriving to Dybno, where we are visiting the Castle of Ostrozian kings, which were built in 15th century-17th century, and of course we will sea old Lutsk gates of 16c., Bernardine monastery of 17th century, nice transfiguration church of 17th century, St. Elias church of 20th century St. George wooden church of 18th century, the John Nepomyk catedrale of 20th century, the Carmelitas monastery of 17th century.

Our next stop will be unique shrouded mysterious legends of soldiers ghosts in Tarakaniv Fort, which located near Dybno. For over one hundred years this unique structure has attracted the attention of many fans of military construction in different countries.

Next we will visit famouse memorial "Cossacks graves" in the city of historic battle near Berestechko in Plyasheva village, where in June 1651, 300 brave cossacks have not left their positions and courageously fought against the troops of Polish king Jan Kazimierz, despite the betrayal by polish people,who bribed Crimean Khan Islam Goreme III.

If we will have time we will visit Berestechko city.

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