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Tours with a private licensed guide around L'viv and its regions:
castles, palaces, monasteries of Halychyna, Podillya, Volyn' and Carpathians mountains

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Why to L'viv?

L'viv together with its region belong to the range of the most beautiful palces in Ukraine. Beautiful city architecture, fascinating nature of the region together with a cute villages on the Carpathian slopes and in the valleys of Male Polissya are attracting tourists from all over the world. Only private guide will help you to indulge the charming L'viv atmosphere!!!

Around L'viv excursions

Its a real wonder that the unique, from historical and cultural point of view, city of Lviv survived after destructive wars of past centuries and preserved its ancient spirit which was created by Old Russian, German, Italian and Armenian architects and personalities of Polish, Jewish and Austrian cultures. Visiting excursions around Lviv, one can feel the spirit of the city which stands on the border of Eastern and Western civilizations, on the crossing of old trading routes, the spirit that creates an unusual and even mysterious atmosphere of Medieval times, deep cultural traditions and incredible charm...
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Around region excursions

A beautiful nature and rich history of Lviv regions favours a great popularity of one day excursions. The whole range of excursions around Lviv will help you to forget everyday troubles and plunge in fantastic world of the noble knights and brave kings, beautiful princes and lonely monks.
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Galician towns with a private guide

If you visit Lviv and saw our churches, castles, our best cafes, restaurants and tasted the best dishes and our ukrainian beer and if you still want to come back to Galicia and to see something that will really melt your soul and after that you will stay here for a long time. So you can visit province of Galicia, where hospitality, kindness and sincere not spoiled our present globalization human feelings manifest full force. And you can find out more information about the Galician province with your private guide..
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Activities in Lviv region

Today in the ukrainian tourism market it is hard to find tour operator or travel agency, which have no tours to Lviv.There are tours by historic places and of course there are a lot of places in lviv region where you can rest. Unfortuntelly, there are not enough travel agencies, which proposing active and extreme vacations, but we hope, that there will be more young and middle age tourists and travel agancies will make more interesting tours, which will be unforgattable. There are one day tour and there are several types of active and extreme vacations in lviv region. Our tours are conducted by qualified guides, which are speaking on different foreign languages.
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Bicycle tours with a private guide

Our bicycle tours are created for people who are able to ride 60-100 km a day without much effort. These excursions are of low and medium difficulty level. During the trip you can also have a meal in a canteen, visit various museums, and ride a cable car etc. It would be preferable if you had your own bicycle and some personal equipment you trust. If not, then you can also rent a bicycle, as well as the necessary equipment beforehand. Orders are accepted for groups from 2 to 10. You can create your own group of people or join another one...
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Autotours with english-speaking drivers

We can pick You up from airport, railway station. Our drivers are in the same times a qualified guides, which are speaking on different foreign languages. Our drivers are very polity, well qualified, highly aducated people. They can help you to find your apartments, suggesting what interesting places in lviv you can visit. Our rates for transportation from airport or railway station to your apartaments in Lviv city is approximately 20$ per group of 1-8 people. If groups are bigger than 8 person the fee will be specified...
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Ski tours with a private guide

For lviv citizenes and guests of the city we are proposing different one-day ski tours, which includ almost all the most famouse ski resorts of Carpatian mountains (Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavske, Plai, Krasia, Pylypets and others). According to the wishes of the tourists we can also stay on night skiing or we can pre-order the sauna...
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Food and drinking tours with a private guide in L'viv

We offer a lot of gourmets tours such as: beer tours, wine tours, coffee tours, choclate tours and tours not only of Ukrainian national food but the food of different nationalities. During this tours You and your guide will visit different famous and interesting: cafes, bars, wine cellars, national restaurants...

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Your guide service

We are a company of nice foreign speaking professional guides with a state licence who prepares and makes the tours, historic regional bus tours and tours for rest in Lviv, Lviv regions and also attached regions to Lviv. Our guides speaks eight languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Franch, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

To get more detailed information in English you can contact your private guide:

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