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Galician towns with a private guide

If you visit Lviv and saw our churches, castles, our best cafes, restaurants and tasted the best dishes and our ukrainian beer and if you still want to come back to Galicia and to see something that will really melt your soul and after that you will stay here for a long time. So you can visit province of Galicia, where hospitality, kindness and sincere not spoiled our present globalization human feelings manifest full force. And you can find out more information about the Galician province with your private guide.


Zolochiv is an ancient city and it's well known of it's fortification castle, that hides many treasures, which can find curious traveler. The oldest defensive Ukrainian courtyard- "Villa Zolochiv" (14th century), from which the history of Zolochiv begins. Exept well known museums in Kings and Chinian palaces there are acient and modern chuches, Basilian monastery, Rynok Square, interesting monuments and picturesque streets...
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In lviv region, near the Carpathians mountains there is one of the oldest and the most beautiful city - Drohobych. During the period of Kyiv Rus- Drohobych was known as a center of salt industry and has played an important role in the economic life of Central and Eastern Europe.The author of Kyiv-Pechersk Patericon in 1097 wrote that once drove of salt stopped from Galician and Przemysl lands, then "there was no salt throughout the land" and Drogobych saltworks were highest in Przemysl principality...
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Sambir is a city near Carpathians mountains and gained particular popularity thanks to one of the relics, which contained in the Church of the Virgin Nativity. Also here contained the relic of the st. Valentine, who is a patron saint of all lovers. Sambir - quite large and picturesque town near the Carpathians mountains and it mentioned from the 13th century. Here remains many cultural monuments and architecture, typical medieval layout of the center, villas 19-20 centuries...

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