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Valley of Narcissuses and Sunevyr Lake

Valley of Narcissuses Synevyr lake Pond of Tereble-Rikske

This excursion is one of the longest one-day tours that pass through the scenic mountains of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions and one of the highest motorway mountain passes - Vyshkivsky (931 m. alt.). The journey gives an idea of the rich nature and culture of the Carpathians: during the trip we will observe beautiful landscapes of mountains, forests and rivers.

Having arrived to the region of Hust we stop in the most famous place - the
Valley of Narcissuses. Every year in May, the surface of the unique botanical reserve (257 hectares), where narcissuses grow on the area of 170 hectares, turn into a fragrant white carpet. Next we move to Synevirskyy Preserve, where we will have a pedestrian walk to the highland lake Synevyr - "Sea Eye"of the Carpathians. The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters. Then we move on to the pond of Tereble-Ritske. It is interesting that in small crevices of the mountains its width is about 1 km. and length up to 9 km. This is an artificially created reservoir, where a dam for hydroelectric power stations has been built. After three hikes we turn back to the city feeling the pleasant fatigue.

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