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The pearls of Precarpathian region

Stare Selo Bibrka Pyatnychany Rohatyn Halych Krylos Ivano-Frankivsk

The excursion starts with visiting one of the most interesting sights of Lviv region Stare Selo (Old Village), where we will see one the biggest fortresses in Ukraine. Here in 1448 the wooden castle was constructed and in XVI century the stone walls were erected in order to protect the village from uninvited guests, as far as important trade route passed by. Trawelling from Stare Selo we pass by ancient town of Bibrka. Then we move to Pyatnychany where one of the few keeps (XIIIc.) has been preserved. This is a famous tower where the museum is functioning now. Such keeps served as impregnable fortification structures for our ancestors, before the cannon were invented.

Our next stop is Rohatyn the town, which is known since the end of XII century. During one of invasions in 1520 Tatars captured the girl - Nastya Lisovska. Soon with the name Roxolana she was sold to the harem of Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Then she became sultans wife. Roxolana had a great influence on the policy of Turkey in XVI century. In the centre of Rohatyn there is a monument to Roxolana. Also we will visit the pearl of Ukrainian art of XVII century - the wooden Saint Spirit Church.

The following place to stop is the town of Halych. The first record of it dates back to 1140. This town has equal significance with Kyiv in the history of Ukraine,because in XII XIV centuries it was the capital of Halych principality and then the capital of Halych-Volyn principality. The center of princely Halych was located near contemporary village of Krylos, which we are visiting during the excursion. Here the main sanctuary was located the Assumption Cathedral. Here we will visit the monastery, the Princes spring, we will enjoy the panorama of Halician settlement of X-XII centuries and visit the museum of folk architecture of rural life.

The last stop is in Ivano-Frankivsk, which was founded in XVII c. by Polish magnate Andrzej Pototsky as an ideal city of Europe in Renaissance style and was named after his perished son Stanyslaviv. The city-hall with gilded cupola, the Market square, the Baroque Jesuit Cathedral, Armenian Church, synagogue and old houses are the beautiful and colorful decoration of the center of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The duration of the excursion depends on your wishes (from 12 hours).

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