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Tour to the Historical and Architectural Preserve of


The former Kings fortress-residence Zhovkva and present calm district center possesses the biggest amount of architectural monuments of XVII- XVIII centuries (after Lviv). The trip starts at the wooden Saint Trinity Church with unique carved iconostasis. You will have a walk through streets with ancient pavements, cobbled in royal period; you will visit majestic Collegiate Church of St. Lawrence, where the representatives of the powerful medieval families are buried: Zholkievsky, Sobiesky and Danylovych. You will see the Nativity Church, where according to the legend, Bohdan Khmelnytsky was baptized; fortification synagogue in the Jewish quarter, which is one of the largest in Europe and of course the Royal Palace with impressive fortifications. The true knightly dinner in a cosy restaurant will magnify the medieval mood.

In Krekhiv, that is near to Zhovkva, there is St. Nikolas Monastery (XVI-XVII cc.), located in National Park of Yavoriv. It was visited by many famous people like Ukrainian Cossak Hetmans Khmelnytskyi, Doroshenko, Mazepa, the Moscow Tsar Peter I. The miraculous icons of St. Nicolas and Virgin Mary are preserved in this monastery. The spring of healing water flows in the forest on picturesque hills of Roztochchya. On the way to Lviv we are visiting the unique Cave Monastery Stradch built in XI c. Its formation dates back to XI century. Several monks carved a Cave monastery in sandstone and spent their lives praying there and fasting.

The Cave of Stradch is the unique monument of Christianity in Western Ukraine, which preserved its look from ancient times, when it was the dwelling of monks. It is the underground corridor, carved in the wide stone hill and several side corridors. There are niches, carved in the walls of passages. They serve as monk cells. Here, under the surface, one can feel as our ancestors one thousand years ago, as if nothing has changed. The electricity lights only the upper part of the cave. Further one can move only with a flashlight or a candle. If you forget to take it with you, there will be a possibility to buy it in Zhovkva. Candles you can buy in the ancient church above the Cave.

The duration of excursion depends on your desire (5-6 hours).

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